Dallas, Texas, born, Michael Huens worked in all production capacity (runner to production assistant) while at the University of Texas as a Film Major.  After college and from 1989-1992 he was at Creative Alliance, in Los Angeles, producing commercials and CGI projects for Fortune 500 clients in North America and Europe. In 1993, he was named Director of Development for Grand Central Entertainment.
He has worked as a Producer on the Tim Ramos film California Indian; Chris Eyre’s A Thousand Roads, and helped make Sonya Gay Bourn's Sweet Union; Jane Clark's Carrie's Choice; and Eriq La Salle's Crazy as Hell.  He worked with the Polish Brother’s film Jackpot; and produced Not Again!; Chronos, a sci-fi adventure. He has worked with Spike Lee, Kirsten Cavendish, Marcus Nispel, Dale Fey, Kevin Dole, Dean Cundey, Marty Callner, John Mark Robinson and Dominick Rossetti.  Michael's television work includes producing a season of Showtime's Compromising Situations, USA Network's Teenage Alien Fighters, and the  Discovery Channel's Motorcycle Mania III.  He has worked on over 200 commercials.